A downloadable game for Windows

Use the Leap Motion to defend this vulnerable planetoid by blowing up the approaching asteroids. Be the conductor in a symphony of destruction!

Game Play:
- "Grab" the planet with both hands, and pivot it as though it were suspended on a string connecting your hands.
- Position your rocket launcher under the shadows of incoming asteroids and it will fire automatically.
- The planet will be destroyed after 5 asteroid impacts (shown by the red meter on the top/left of the screen).
- After the game ends, press 'R' to play again.

- Games pauses automatically if the Leap Motion doesn't see valid left and right hands.
- A good starting position is to hold your hands angled about 45 degrees up, positioned 8" apart and above the sensor.
- The "remaining enemies" counter on the top/right of the screen has not been implemented (it simply counts down 200 kills, which IS possible to reach :)
- Press ESC to quit the game.

Install instructions

Run "INBOUND_v.04_Setup" to install INBOUND.

Double-click the game's icon or .exe to play!


INBOUND_v.04_Setup.exe 9 MB